80% in favour of park-and-ride

Research suggests that the park-and-ride concept is underdeveloped in the UK compared with the rest of Europe, despite 80% of drivers voting in favour of the system.

The Eurotest consortium found that although park-and-rides are well organised in the UK, they are done on a much smaller scale than in other European countries.

Eurotest said the Government should look at introducing park-and-ride schemes from motorway service stations or busy motorway junctions into major cities such as London.

For the survey motoring organisations around Europe were asked to give examples of their park-and-ride schemes, showing the extent, cost and other features of their systems.

The average ratio of the park-and-ride spaces available to citizens in 17 cities in 14 countries was one space per 356 people.

The results found that Sheffield had more spaces than the average at 302, but cities in Germany, Finland and Norway fare even better, providing one park-and-ride space for every 180 citizens.

An average of 43% of parking spaces are free of charge to use, the same as in Sheffield, but German cities, Helsinki and Luxembourg provided almost completely free parking across their sites.

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