78% of men 'drive in bad weather'

A new poll has found that nearly four out of five (78%) men in a relationship get behind the wheel during periods of difficult weather, while only 14% of women do the same.

Nearly a fifth (18%) of men questioned by ICM research said responsibility of driving during severe weather conditions is shared equally with their partner.

However, among women, just over a tenth (12%) admitted to having shared the responsibility equally.

The survey also found that one in three men take over driving from their partner when conditions become wintry, while only 4% of women do the same.

As the weather becomes more severe, motorists need to make sure that they have a comprehensive car insurance policy in place.

During the Christmas party season, women are more likely to get behind the wheel than their male counterparts (34% of women vs 26% of men), according to the survey.

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