71% of drivers 'unaware of limits'

Just over seven tenths (71%) of UK drivers are unaware of the speed limits when tested, a survey has revealed.

Those who did badly in the tests did not know the limit on a rural road, single carriageway, dual carriageway, motorway or a road in a built-up area.

But drivers would do well to consider that any ignorance or neglect of speed limits leading to driving too fast can result in a hike in car insurance premiums.

When shown photographs of different roads, 33% of them drivers tested could not identify the 60mph limit for a single carriageway, and just over half (52%) did not know the speed limit on a rural road with no street lights.

The ICM research also revealed that since 2009 almost a tenth (9%) of drivers were caught speeding and 17% of these were caught two or even three times.

Most speeding drivers are caught going over the limit by a few mph but some are caught at breakneck speeds more suited for a Formula One track, said the study.

Drivers have been caught on average going too fast by 8.5mph, and 4% sped by up to 20mph or even more, endangering other motorists as well as themselves.

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