60mph drink-swapping caught on tape

60mph drink-swapping caught on tape

Police have launched an investigation into two van drivers caught swapping a drink between vehicles on a busy motorway.

Shocking footage - taken on the dashboard camera of a car behind - shows one of the drivers leaning out of his van window to grab a bottle from the passenger of another van while travelling at almost 60mph along the M5 at rush hour.

The two vehicles came within inches of crashing as they veered across two lanes of traffic, past junction three near Halesowen at 6pm on September 24.

Paul Donovan, 58, a part-time chauffeur and commercial photographer, caught the entire incident on his dashboard camera - which are commonly installed by modern drivers to help lower car insurance costs and stay safe on the roads.

Officers are currently investigating the thirsty driver and his generous friends after being passed the 23-second footage.

Road safety campaigners believe the drivers should be punished for foolishly risking lives.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "Clearly any stunt such as this poses a danger to both the vehicles involved and other road users and should be condemned as such. It is only down to luck this didn't result in an accident.

"The RAC Report on Motoring 2014 highlights how concerned law abiding motorists are about this kind of behaviour and 60% of motorists believe there are insufficient numbers of police officers on the roads to enforce driving laws.

"It may be also be the case that we will see a rise in the number of these kind of incidents being recorded by in-car cameras, as more and more motorists are fitting devices such as RAC Car Cam to protect themselves against dangerous behaviour and insurance fraud scams like 'crash for cash'."

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