60 Ford Transits for British Gas

The 60 Transits, packed with a switchable four-wheel drive transmission, will be used to helpBritish Gas engineers go to places with customers requiring assistance.

The Transit vans will help engineers get to winter-affected properties with enough equipment to finish a job in just one visit.

With the cold gnawing at the country at the beginning of December, engineers atBritish Gas had to rush to attend to 20,000 boilers daily, which is a 25% increase on the usual number of burst boilers around this time.

The company's call centres also had to deal with the mania of having to attend over 300,000 calls in a week.

It is expected that December will continue to be one of the coldest on record, and with the vehicles in action, services can be provided in a better and faster manner.

Scott Bell, engineer, one of the first to get a Transit, said: "Last winter I had to keep a spade in the back of the van, and literally every job I had to dig the van out. Sometimes I'd be parking the van some distance from the house just so I didn't get stuck again."

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