5,500 drivers caught under new laws

5,500 drivers caught under new laws

New driving laws have caught out almost 5,500 British motorists, according to a Freedom of Information request by Auto Express.

The request, made to 45 police forces in the UK, found that 5,472 motorists have been stopped for inconsiderate driving since the rule changes came into force last August.

A total of 1,454 people in Scotland were stopped for new offences such as tailgating and lane-hogging, although Police Scotland's operating area is much larger than any other force in the UK.

Motoring groups have welcomed the new range of offences which include accelerating through a puddle or mounting a kerb, adding that the new regulations will gradually cut accident rates and increase driving standards.

Drivers face on-the-spot fines of up to £100 and three penalty points on their license if caught offending. The points tally can be reduced if an offender takes a safe driving course.

"The encouraging thing is that this new law is being used by police. The long-term test is whether accident rates fall," said Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation.

Motorists can be reprimanded for a number of "inconsiderate driving" offences including failing to give way at a junction and being in the wrong lane while pushing into a queue on a roundabout.

Nottinghamshire ranked behind Scotland in the standings of new motoring offences committed, racking up 977 infractions.

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