4m announced for low-carbon cars

The Scottish Government has announced a £4.2 million cash pot to boost the use of low-carbon vehicles.

Ministers announced the funding on top of the £4.3 million already rolled-out last year as part of a drive to reduce emissions by 42% over the next eight years.

Infrastructure secretary Alex Neil said that the funding was "vital", and it is thought that in the coming years it could lead to more people taking outbreakdown cover for low carbon cars.

The 32 local authority areas will share the new funding, with it being divided along the lines of infrastructure and vehicle funding.

Neil added: "The Scottish Government has set world-leading targets to cut emissions and tackle climate change, so it is vital that funding like this is made available to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles and help develop a network of charging points.

"This extra funding will allow local authorities and their community planning partners to bridge the gap between the cost of petrol or diesel-powered vehicles and their electric-powered equivalents, and help drive down air-polluting emissions."

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