45-point motorist still on the roads

45-point motorist still on the roads

Thousands of motorists are free to drive around the UK despite notching up at least 12 penalty points on their driving licence.

Drivers can usually expect six-month bans, as well as the typically increased car insurance premiums when they hit this threshold.

But according to an investigation by 5 News, among worst offenders is one driver who has evaded a ban despite accruing 45 points.

The figures came to light after the news show lodged a Freedom of Information request with the DVLA.

Prior to a court appearance, drivers who reach the normal 12-point disqualification mark can put up a case for "exceptional hardship".

This can contain any pertinent conditions which may exempt them from an instant ban in the eyes of a judge.

The DVLA said the courts can use discretionary powers to determine whether a motorist should be banned from driving or not.

A spokesman added that the DVLA's role is to log the data passed on to it by the courts.

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