30% do not carry 'spare tyres'

Around 30% of drivers do not carry a spare tyre in their car but have a tyre foam kit instead, research has shown.

A poll conducted by motoring websitehonestjohn.co.uk found that a huge 91% of drivers surveyed would like to have a spare tyre and 86% would prefer having a spare tyre rather than their car having lower CO2 emissions.

Environmental groups as well as the Government have pushed for lower emissions, leading many car manufacturers to bring in tyre foam kits as a replacement for spare tyres and jacks. The removal of a spare tyre is a quick and cheap method for manufacturers to bring down emissions.

Tyre foam kits work short-term by allowing drivers to get to the nearest garage. However, the survey shows that many motorists would still prefer to have a spare tyre in case of such emergencies.

Daniel Harrison, Editor ofhonestjohn.co.uk said: "Whilst tyre foam kits can get a car to the nearest garage, our survey seems to suggest that being stuck with a flat in the middle of nowhere with just a can of foam is a situation most motorists would like to avoid."

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