2m spent on new personalised plates

2m spent on new personalised plates

Motorists forked out £2 million on the latest personalised number plates within 24 hours of them going on sale.

Figures from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) show a total of 3,576 registrations were sold on the first day, with football fans and pet lovers among the buyers.

The CH16 SEA and MA16 UTD registrations fetched £399 each, presumably to supporters of Chelsea and Manchester United.

CB16 CAT sold for £799, most likely to a feline fanatic, while a dog lover appears to have snapped up BB16 DOG for £599.

A massive £1 million was spent in the opening 20 minutes of last week's sale, according to the DVLA.

JA16 UAR, believed to be for a Jaguar, was the first registration to go. It sold for a cool £1,299.

Drivers will only be able to put the "16" number plates on to a brand-new vehicle from March 1.

Proceeds from the sale and auction of personalised registrations are passed to the Treasury. The DVLA raised £87 million in the last financial year, with people around the world interested in finding the perfect plate.

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