23% of youth involved in road races

A survey has found that 23% of young people have either been a driver or a passenger in a car "race" on a public road.

The poll by road safety charity Brake and FedEx Express revealed that over half (56%) have been in a car when the driver has broken the speed limit.

The survey of 2,800 14-25 year olds also found that 10% of young drivers have overtaken another vehicle without having a clear view of the road ahead.

Also around 58% of young people who were in a speeding car did not ask the driver to slow down.

The poll is part of the 2young2die campaign being run by Brake and FedEx Express.

Brake is calling for the Government to introduce graduated driver licensing so that young people who choose to learn to drive must do so in stages over a longer time period.

Brake campaigns officer Ellen Booth said: "Many young people get a thrill from driving fast with their friends in the car, but because of the way young people's brains develop, they often don't yet have the ability to control their thrill-seeking tendencies."

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