2012 Twingo offers tailored options

Customisation is the key for consumers when it comes to Renault's latest offering, the 2012 Renault Twingo.

Priced at £10,350, the three-door hatchback can be personalised with a whole range of options, from sport spoilers to iPod-compatible radios.

Buyers are invited to stamp their personality on their vehicle, and two new colour schemes added to Renault's range will help with that, taking the total number of colour options up to nine.

However, the Twingo's 1.2-litre engine is one thing that cannot be changed, with no announcement yet on whether the turbocharged 1.2 TCe engine will become available again.

But the city car will qualify for cheap road tax on account of its low CO2 emissions, measured at 119g/km.

With personalisation the main selling point of this year's Twingo, car insurance policies can follow suit and drivers can tailor their policy to meet their own needs.

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