2010 launch for all-American F1 team

The sporting director of the proposed United States F1 team has said it will have two American drivers on the grid at the start of the 2010 season.

Peter Windsor and former F1 designer Ken Anderson are the co-founders of the movement to create a USF1 team and in an interview to Speed TV they unveiled plans to enter the competition as early as next year.

Under the plans the team`s cars will be designed and created in North Carolina, home to the Windshear wind tunnel NASCAR testing facility, and the pair hope they will be able to find two American drivers to lead the team in a bid to create an All-American set-up.

Race car drivers Kyle Busch, Scott Speed, Danica Patrick and Marco Andretti, who have all proved successful on the American racing circuit, have all been linked with the team, but Windsor said that the drivers will be decided over the coming months.

Windsor said: "When we realised that the technology was here we thought we could do a team and that it was going to be a car made in America, the logical thing then from a marketing perspective was to see if we can have two American drivers."

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