£20,000 bill for speeding motorist

A disgruntled motorist who was caught doing 36mph in a 30mph zone has vowed to take her legal case to the European Court of Human Rights after failing in her latest appeal bid to have the conviction overruled.

Vikki Fielden, 52, from Sheffield, was convicted at Huddersfield Magistrates' Court in August over the incident in Brockholes, West Yorkshire, and has since gone on to lose two appeals at a crown court and at the High Court to have the ruling overturned.

Mrs Fielden has so far accrued bills of £20,000 fighting the case and has shown no signs of slowing down her efforts after the latest High Court ruling.

Mrs Fielden has argued that the camera which took the photo was inaccurate after claiming that it had been installed incorrectly, resulting in inconsistencies with readings.

She said that her trial had been unfair as the "burden of proof" had been reversed against her so that she was required to prove the inaccuracy of the camera rather than the prosecution proving that it was accurate.

Mrs Fielden was told by a High Court judge that her case was "doomed to fail" as her conviction was based on clear evidence.

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