20% lie selling their cars - survey

Dodgy dealing is becoming rife in the tough economic climate, according to a study which has revealed a fifth of people admit to lying when selling cars.

Used car website Trusted Dealers found private sellers are more and more willing to bend the truth for a sale, with "money" being the main factor behind their dishonesty.

Hiding faults was the most common reason given for lying with 34% of lies concocted to cover up mechanical issues - lies which could ultimately call a buyer's breakdown cover into action sooner than they would've liked.

The study said that with nearly 6.8 million used cars sold last year, the findings suggested 1.4 million used cars were sold dishonestly.

The research showed hidden dangers of buying from a private seller, said Trusted Dealers' managing director Neil Addley.

"Although the majority of lies covered small defects, a worrying minority were trying to conceal potentially serious problems," he added.

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