15th crash last straw for homeowner

A woman is considering selling the cottage she has lived in for almost 20 years after having a lorry crash into it for the fifteenth time, prompting numerous claims on her home insurance.

The problem has been made worse in recent years with satellite navigation technology meaning that more and more trucks are being directed through the village of Bodfari in Denbighshire, North Wales.

Amanda Sandland, 45, is now fed up of having to cope with wagons getting stuck between her home and a wall on the narrow B5429.

Last week saw the fifteenth truck get wedged, try to reverse but take off the roof of her annex gable. Mrs Sandland, who lives in the house with her husband Roger, said the situation was "very stressful".

"When the last crash happened I was at work but when I got home I just broke down. It's been going on so long it's causing structural damage," she said. The latest accident is estimated to have caused £1,000 of damage."

Mrs Sandland has called on her local council to move a sign warning truckers against using the road onto the A55 - the main arterial route bringing traffic to her house. She said one sign is on her road but does not give drivers a chance to turn around.

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