15m funding for new 'green' buses

The Government has announced additional funding of £15 million for a low-carbon buses scheme aimed at making transport greener.

Bus operators and councils in England will be able to use the latest grant to introduce more than 150 new "green" vehicles.

An estimated 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is expected to be saved over a 15-year period by replacing conventional buses with the new ones.

Last year the Government granted £30 million to support the addition of around 350 low-carbon buses to fleets.

Transport minister Norman Baker said: "We want to support new transport technologies to help make our transport system greener and more sustainable.

"This investment will stimulate the market for low-carbon buses by reducing some of the initial costs for operators and councils.

"It will deliver significant benefits, in particular reducing the impact of road transport on climate change and improving air quality."

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