13 plates: unlucky for car makers?

13 plates: unlucky for car makers?

The car industry faces an anxious wait to see if the introduction of 13 plates for new cars will have a negative impact on sales.

As the number has unlucky connotations, it was speculated that drivers might be given the option to substitute a 13 plate for a 62 plate.

But the DVLA recently confirmed numbers will continue as normal and 13 plates will indeed apply to all new cars registered between 1 March and 31 August 2013.

Whether more superstitious motorists will be more keen than ever to reach for good quality breakdown cover to protect against bad luck on the roads remains to be seen - although the 13 plates could offer a surprisingly positive sales outlook for traders of private plates.

James Saperia, from personalised number plate company Simply Registrations, believes that for many motorists the 13 plates "could be just what they've been waiting for".

He explained: "Lots of options are opened up with combinations such as AL13 ERT, RO13 ERT and SU13 ARU all becoming available."

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