13% of British men 'do not drive'

A survey has found that 13% of British men do not have a driving license.

According to insurance company ibuyeco, a third of non-drivers said they did not drive due to the high expense of driving lessons.

A fifth also felt under pressure to learn how to drive due to the heavy stereotyping of men and driving, with around 44% of women polled saying they expected a man to have a licence.

About one-third (33%) of men without a licence said they did not need to drive, while 10% said they failed their test the first time and decided against a retest.

A fifth of them also admitted they did not enjoy driving.

The survey of 2,126 adults revealed that 24% of women considered it odd if a man could not get behind the wheel and 7% thought less of a man if he did not drive.

Ibuyeco head Lucy Bailey said: "Our research shows that times - and men's attitudes to driving - are changing. All the same, it seems that some things never change.

"The old cliches of men being better drivers still stand and women think it odd if a man can't drive."

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