A fortnight of parking triple the price at Luton airport

A fortnight of parking triple the price at Luton airport
New research into airport car parking charges shows how a two-week stay can cost drivers more than the cost of their flight.

Ranking UK airports from the cheapest to most expensive, Admiral found a £126 disparity – between Exeter at the lower, and Luton at the higher end – for a fortnight in a standard on-site car park.

Even dropping off a passenger can set a driver back by as much as £8.50 in what the RAC describes as a “particularly sore subject” for motorists.

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Analysis of the findings shows airports such as Luton charge almost three times more than the cheapest options – at £191 compared to £65.

Stansted charges the highest rate for drop-offs, at £8.50 for 15 minutes, with Luton again close behind at £8, and Doncaster £6.

As RAC’s head of external affairs Pete Williams explains, parking is a sensitive topic for motorists. Earlier this year, a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) uncovered data which shows several NHS Trusts charge their lowest-paid staff over £1,000 a year simply for parking their car at work.

Mr Williams says: “Motorists and travellers should be aware of the sky-high charges levied by some operators for parking whether they are using long-stay or even just drop-off parking.

“Parking is one of the most contentious issues for UK motorists and it is a particularly sore subject when they are feeling that they have little option but to pay the exorbitant prices charged by some UK airports.

“The message to anyone driving to a UK airport this summer is simple – check the fees carefully before you set out and watch you don’t exceed the maximum permitted stay or you could end up with a penalty charge costing as much as a short-haul flight to Europe.”

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The insurer noted a “postcode lottery” across the UK’s 30 airports on its hunt for a standard 2.4 metre, two-week car parking spot during the summer holidays.

Although the average charge came out at £111, those passengers using Luton airport pay a full £80 extra. London City charges parkers a total £181 for the two-week stay, followed by Gatwick North (£175) and Gatwick South (£167).

Heathrow’s terminal 5 charges £156, while terminals 2, 3 and 4 all command a fee of £146.

Only six of the 30 airports offer a free 15-minute stay.

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