1,000mph car to be built in Bristol

A 1,000mph vehicle, which engineers hope will be the world's fastest car, will be built at a site in Bristol Docklands.

The British team attempting to break the world land speed record by driving the Bloodhound SSC (Supersonic car) has also decided on a final design for the vehicle. A jet engine from the Eurofighter Typhoon has already been positioned above the prototype hybrid rocket.

The record attempt will begin with runs on a flat, dried-up lake bed at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa's Northern Cape Province in 2011.

The car is being driven by Wing Commander Andy Green, who broke the world record in 1997 by achieving a speed of 763mph in Thrust SSC.

It is hoped the project will inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Bloodhound team has announced that 2,410 schools have already signed up to the programme, while the Bloodhound supporters club raised £137,000 so far.

The hybrid rocket is the largest ever designed in the UK - weighing 400kg and being 14ft long. With the EJ200 jet engine, the rocket will give the car a thrust equivalent to the power of 180 Formula One cars.

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