100 MPs vote against fuel duty rise

MPs have pressured the Chancellor to drop fuel duty increases planned for 2012 as more than 100 supported a motion urging a new price stabilisation mechanism.

The MPs, who signed the motion in advance, included 83 Conservatives and five Liberal Democrats.

It was passed by MPs without a vote.

The fight to contain fuel prices comes as motorists struggle harder than ever to cover all the bases of using the roads, including paying for car insurance and breakdown cover.

More than 100,000 signatures were gathered for an e-petition urging action on soaring prices prior to a Commons debate.

The motion is in advance of November's Autumn Statement when George Osborne will outline the state of the economy and reply to the latest forecasts of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Ministers were reported to be reconsidering a 3p duty increase which was planned for January and the Prime Minister's official spokesman said the Budget would reveal any tax policy change.

He added: "We recognise as a Government that motoring is an essential part of everyday life for many families and fuel is a significant cost for those families."

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