Car Detox for the New Year

January is a great time for a personal detox after the Christmas excess. But have you thought about doing the same for your car too?

The ravages of winter are tough on cars, which means they can be neglected. A morning’s effort can revive your motor though, and make it a much nicer place to spend time within too.

Follow our car detox tips to give the family car a January boost.

Hose down the underside

Winter grit is nasty stuff that can, over time, attack cars. A blast of the underside and wheelarches with a hosepipe will remove the worst of it and ensure it can’t damage your pride and joy.

Vacuum the interior

Giving the interior a vacuum not only gets rid of bitty debris but also lifts away ingrained dust and grime too. Many filling stations have vacuum machines – you won’t believe the difference 50p and five minutes can make.

Change the oil

Oil is the lifeblood of cars. It keeps the engine lubricated, but it degrades over time, reducing its effectiveness. A simple oil change will make your engine smoother, greener and boost its longevity.

Take it for a long motorway run

Short journeys and wintertime cold-start running can clog up even modern engines. A blast on the motorway will clear out all the toxins and help the engine breathe more clearly and run more smoothly.

Run the air con

You may think air con is not necessary in winter, but that’s not true – it can help clear windscreens quickly, for one. Many turn it off in winter, which can pose expensive problems come summertime. Ensure this isn’t so by keeping it ticking over in winter.

Open the windows

Cold temperatures means the windows are unlikely to be opened in winter. A build up of stale air is a result: refresh the interior by winding down the windows for a few minutes each week.

Clean the steering wheel, doorhandles, etc. with antibacterial wipes

Drivers are constantly holding the steering wheel and touch many other parts of a car interior too. We clean work surfaces at home but how many of us do the same in our cars? Quickly get rid of the germs and grime with antibacterial wipes.

Clean and polish the exterior

Cleaning the car in winter isn’t a job you look forward to but it makes a big difference, particularly given all the things that can attack your motor in winter. Polishing it will protect it from the elements too.

Clean out the rubbish

Gloveboxes, door pockets, cupholders, footwells – all parts of a car interior that build up with rubbish. Make a fresh start by clearing them all out – you won’t believe the difference it can make.

Clean the inside of the windows

This one always surprise people – just how much grime builds up on the inside of car windows. Take a few minutes to wipe them over: your view out will be transformed into that of a brand-new motor...