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  • Pulling away at a fast roundabout

    Hi! Learning to drive here .. getting there and definitely more confident now...

    I have no issue pulling away at traffic lights where I do not need to shoot off at full speed, or am in a queue so can only go so fast as the person in front of me. However, the other day in my lesson, I was at a roundabout and had time to pull away before the person to my right reached me (ring road roundabout - so they're travelling at speed)... but the instructor had to stop me as I was moving away too slowly...

    What's the best tips to get going quickly and safely in this instance?!

    Usually if just pulling away at regular speed (no need to rush, e.g. traffic lights in a 30mph zone) I use a little gas and slowly lift clutch to biting point, then a little more gas as I release clutch slowly...

    Now, if I need to zip off quicker - would I do more of a "hill start" type, as in, use WAY more gas but remain slow on the clutch (to avoid stalling)???

    Also, I'm learning in a diesel but will be driving petrol car so am trying to drive a diesel as I would a petrol (diesel allows pulling away using clutch only but I've heard petrol is different)...

    So yeah, about the need to pull away at a fast roundabout - more revs and remain slow on clutch? Is that the trick??. Thanks

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    As a learner I found using the hand brake in situations like that was helpful. I would find the biting point in advance of the opportunity to pull away, and then when ready, release the hand brake to pull away instantly


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      In principle Drivingforfun is right but holding a car on the handbrake with clutch biting (slipping) is not good for the clutch leading to an expensive clutch replacement.

      You need to learn where the bite point is, so you can allow the clutch pedal to move close too it quickly rather than moving the pedal slowly from the full down position.

      With practice, clutch to bite, hand brake off, and moving away become one smooth action.

      With the hand brake on, as the clutch bites you will feel the car squat down a bit, and hear/feel the engine slow a little.

      Practice, Practice, Practice.

      Petrol engine cars can be driven off, on the level, without using the throttle.