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  • 3rd test coming up in new car.

    Hi guys. Im doing my 3rd driving test on tuesday, failed 1st time with 4 minors and 1 serious (stayed in left lane to turn right out of a 1 way street... silly me.). 2nd test 6 minors no majors however got 3 minors on 1 category which led him to fail me (drove at 24mph in a 30mph because of rain and parked cars however got marked for 3 minors). I accepted i needed to be more aware both time and was actually confident booking my 3rd test havent had any nerves until before as my instructor had informed he got a new car today that i will be taking my test in. I understand that if im good enough to pass the car im in should be irrelevant. I have booked a 2 hour lesson saturday and monday then a lesson before my test tuesday im just hoping this can help me get to grips with the new cars reference points and more responsive peddals. Is there anybody on here who took a test in a new car with little experience in driving it.


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    Good luck.


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      I would say that should be long enough to get used to it. As a learner/new driver it took me about an hour of driving to get comfortable with a different car

      I think what you say r.e. being able to pass in any car is correct - the examiner isn’t looking for perfect mastery of the vehicle


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        As an instructor, I changed cars many times. I never found anyone who needed more than an hour to get used to a different car. Having said that, some instructors rely heavily on reference points, which might make a difference.