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  • Please help.

    Hello everyone, I have recently received my provisional driving licence and after looking on google, I am a bit confused because I found out that the provisional driving licence lasts for 10 years but am I allowed to book and pass the theory test, let’s say, five years from now? Or is there a deadline of when I can pass the theory test before having to re-apply for the provisional driving licence?


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    Currently, there are two tests (for a car licence) that need to be passed in order to obtain a full driving licence. First the theory test and then, within two years of passing this, the practical test.

    Theory test
    The theory test is made up of two parts, both of which differ according to the type of vehicle licence the candidate is pursuing:

    Multiple-choice test
    Hazard perception test
    Both parts must be passed in order to obtain a theory test pass certificate. This enables the candidate to book a practical driving test.[6] Candidates have two years from the date that they passed the first part of their theory test to take their practical test, or they will have to pass both parts of the theory test once again before they can book a practical test.