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  • Advice on this Serious fault


    Can anyone please clear up why this was deemed as a serious fault please.

    Approached a roundabout on a single carriageway road that split at the end with both straight and right turn arrows.

    1st exit joins a dual carriageway.
    2nd exit continues on the single carriageway road
    3rd exit joins the dual carriageway also.

    The instructor asks to take the 3rd exit at the roundabout.

    We approach the roundabout by staying on the right hand side of the single carriageway (marked with a right arrow)
    We wait to join when safe indicating right
    We pass the first exit
    We pass the second exit (after passing we begin to indicate left)
    We are still on the inside of the roundabout and begin to join the dual carriageways outside lane.
    We join the dual carriageway (outside lane, indicating left)
    We continue on the outside lane a little and join the inside lane (normal driving)
    Indicator off.

    The instructor said that this could have been confusing to those on the outside of the roundabout joining the dual carriageway also?

    Can anyone please advise what should have occurred?


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    Roundabouts are always a bone of contention, you only have to read through these forums to find that out.The trouble is, some of them have lane, and direction markings on the road, and others don't? But that doesn't mean you can take the same route to round them all, I said, confusing.My take on it is, to take great care and keep your eyes open, and use your mirrors, and always leave a space where you can go to, in case you have to take avoiding action.That has worked for me during forty years of driving.


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      From your description it sounds OK, but I wasn't there and the examiner was. I assume that he wanted you to change lanes on the roundabout after passing the second exit. We have seen many threads on here where a collision has occurred at a roundabout exit, especially one leading to a dual carriageway.

      A picture of the roundabout in question would help.


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        What you did wrong was to join the DC in the right-hand lane, unless there was a good reason (parked cars?).

        Signalling on passing the 2nd exit tells others that you intend to leave at the next (3rd) exit. So far, so good. They would, however, expect you to enter the left hand lane. That is where the potential confusion lies.

        How was the fault marked on the report form? I'd guess 23 (positioning).

        Driving in lane 2 of a DC when lane 1 is empty is a fault in any event, possibly serious.


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          Thanks for advice so far.

          Here is a picture of the roundabout - I came in from the top left of the picture and had to take the third exit A46 newark


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            I would bet that hundreds of drivers do what you did every day. This does not make it correct however.

            As I said above, you should have moved over before exiting - leaving a roundabout from the inside lane of a roundabout, onto the outside lane of a DC, carries the risk that a car on your left will not take the exit and there will be a collision.