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  • Big day tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is the big day for me ; it's D Day!
    I failed my first test within the last 5 minutes when I entered the roundabout in the wrong lane and while I safely merged, I understand why it was classed as a major fault.

    I'm a little more nervous this time around though and just hope I do ok!

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    Good luck! I have my 2nd test tomorrow!

    I failed mine within the first 10 minutes because I stopped at a set of lights and because the ****-end in front kept pausing, then going, then pausing finally went, the lights started to change, and with it being a busy crossroads and me making a right turn, I didn't want to run the risk of stopping before my turn and obstructing others coming the other way, so I stopped at the lights but half of my front wheels went into the cycle part infront of the lights, so I got a serious for that.....

    Hope you have better luck this time! Fingers crossed for you x


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      Welcome to the site Ryan, and good luck with your driving test.


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        How did you do Ryan? Hope you passed. I have all my fingers crossed for you.

        A little late now for you but an important pointer for everyone when taking an exam. Whether it be the first, second or whatever.

        The 'N' word must be banned at all times. Do NOT even think about it!! I was ner**us on my first exam and that is what caused me to make a litany of serious errors. My head went to pieces. Just keep calm and drive like you were born to drive.


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          3 times

          Good look next time. Had to do it 3 times myself


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            Just checking back in with you all!
            Since my first post, I have failed the test another 2 times - the driving examiner's attitude on the 3rd test completely threw me off unfortunately..... number 4 (quite embarrassing I must admit) is on Wednesday!!!!


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              Good luck with it, keep at it.


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                Well I finally got there...... passed my test on Monday


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                  Well done, now that you reached the test standard, you can now carry on learning and improving, like every good driver should, good luck.