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  • Intensive training course - Portsmouth

    Hi all,

    My current employment has asked me to relocate 120 miles, otherwise I'd lose my job. Unfortunately the area i'll be moving to does not have very good public transport services so I need to learn to drive (which thankfully my employer is paying for). However I need to learn fast, preferably passing before the end of November.

    I passed my driving theory test today, and now i'm looking to find an intensive driving course in the Portsmouth area. if anyone has any good recommendations, that'd be really useful

    About 8 years ago I did take a bunch of lessons, but gave up when my initial plan was to stay in areas with decent public transport. so I know plenty of the basics but ideally need a refresher.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    For a beginner you may well be looking at 40 hours in ten days. This is likely to cost £1000+.


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      i agree with santa you will probably need about 30 -40 hours although it would not cost that much! I can highly recommend a driving instructor in Plymouth area (figure this is relatively nearby?) he used to work with learndrive in Blackpool but moved away. He is an excellent and dedicated instructor called Barry. Not sure if I am allowed to post contact numbers and stuff on here though. But an intensive course is definitely the way to go and 30 hours should come in at under £800.


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        There are special short courses with a driver licence guarantee in Holland. Takes 1-2 weeks with extensive training and an exam. You can use the licence in in the UK as well. The courses are generally in Dutch, but you will definitely find a English speaking teacher.