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  • Selling a car with no mot or tax

    I've just sold a car that had no mot and hasn't been driver for over 12 months. The buyer has arranged for a local man to collect and drive it 100+ miles to his address ( not on a trailer) he says the man can do this as he has traders insurance but I am concerned on two points.

    1 the car has two bald tyres as well as other mot failure points.
    2 what do I do with the V5 as the new owner won't be here to sign it therefore I guess I'll have to send it with the car and hope he sends it off to DVLA.

    Would really apreciate someone putting my mind at rest.

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    You only give the buyer the V5C/2 which is the small green section on page 2. You MUST send the V5 signed at the bottom. As he is not there to sign it, get the collector to sign on his behalf and date the sale.

    The trade insurance will be void if the vehicle has defects but that is not your concern. With no MOT it is also illegal to drive it. With no Tax it is illegal to drive it. This is the buyer's problem, not yours.

    You MUST make out a receipt along these lines:

    "Received the sum of £xxxx as full and final payment for (make) (model) registration number ABC 123Y."

    Then the collector MUST sign it, you sign it and give him a copy. This is when you give up your rights to the vehicle. Make sure you date it!
    If they wont agree to this then you will be liable for the offences as above.


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      Thats clear, many thanks for your help.


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        But what about the VED tax?

        Personally, I would not let them drive it away in the way they wish to drive it away. It could be said that you were aiding and abetting an offence to be committed.


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          I agree, I've insisted he collects it personally and he will have to sign a disclaimer as suggested by HOMETUNE. not heard anything back from him!!
          Many thanks for your reply.


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            And just add that it is sold as a Non-runner and without a warranty that it is "roadworthy" currently.


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              I guess he lost interest then. The DVLA website says "Make sure the new keeper sends DVLA a completed V62 form to apply for a new registration certificate. Otherwise the police could still contact you if they need to make enquiries about the vehicle.

              How any individual is supposed to "make sure" that someone else does what he is supposed to is a mystery to me.

              It does also say "Once DVLA have updated their records you’ll get a letter within 4 weeks confirming that you’re not liable for the vehicle any more. I would be watching every post for that letter, and if it did not arrive, I would be straight on to them.

              If the car was taxed, you would get the rebate fairly quickly, but since (I assume) this car is SORN'd, so no rebate. My advice would be to get it to a breaker and scrap it. They will give you a certificate of scrappage to send to VOSA, and that's the end of your liability.