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  • Best car rental agency

    I'm planning a trip to Europe and wanted to rent a car in France. Just wanted to get recommendations from others on this forum on the best car rental agency to rent from. I consider these to be important criteria - many rental locations in the country to choose from, clear and straightforward process of rental with no hidden fees, helpful rental agent when renting the car and if encountering problems with the car and the best rates. I'm trying to avoid hassles and 'gotchas' when getting a rental. Any suggestions?
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    Hi Ltaron, we're unable to recommend car rental companies in France - although, another user of this forum may be able too. Watch this space!

    In the meantime take some time to read our Driving in France article - which holds info you will definitely need. Thanks, RAC


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      Alex Russo, do you know/are you Ltaron by any chance?
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        Wonder why its not green and 'not approved'