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  • Nissan Terrano II ECU errors


    my father is having some trouble with his 2000 nissan terrano II 2.7 TD SE+

    It seems to be ECU/sensor related. Is there any way to read the ECU faults recorded without having to go to the main dealer (who wasn't helpfull when he did pop in).

    I know many cars allow you to read the faults via a flashing ECU light giving you the error code of the fault.

    Many Thanks for any help.

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    According to my data it is only possible to access the codes using diagnostic equipment.
    This does not necessarily have to be main dealer.
    There are a good many independent diagnostic specialists out there.
    Have a look in your local newspapers or ask around for personal recommendations.
    Most independent garages / shops have a code reader / scanner for basic fault finding and they will also be in the know as to who to take a car to for in depth diag.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for your reply. I've now found out the possible error codes and a process of reading the error codes from the ECU. The problem is all the manuals i've read show the data diagnostic port in a location it isn't on this model.

      Anyone know where the port is and which pin is the Chk & ignition pin. when you short these two pins for 2 seconds and disconnect the short the ECU warning light is meant to flash out the ECU error codes on the dash.



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        The ones to bridge are the 2 X's

        O O| O X |X
        O O| O O |O

        Some have an LED on the ECU itself where it flashes out the codes.


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          Kewl!!! next problem is where the heck is it, we can't it find love for money on the manuals we have.

          the manuals show it as a 16 pin port located in the drivers footwell but its not there and doesn't match your pinout diag.


          is what the manuals say on a 16 pin port.

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            the info I have show it as a 14 pin connector.

            and to bridge pins 6&7 to read/erase codes. Look in the interior fuse panel. It does not look like a 16 DLC to me.


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              Your car is on the changeover from 14 pin to 16 pin. It changed 1999/2000. So it could be either.
              If it is the 14 pin, MrDanno is correct. However, unless the engine management light is on all the time, it probably won't be possible to retrieve the codes.
              Almost all Nissans have the diagnostic socket behind the fuse box cover but below the fuses.
              Ford Mavericks (almost the same car) have theirs just to the right of the steering column under the dash.
              If it is 16 pin you need to use a scanner.


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                Guys!! Thanks!!

                I have seen a grey plug that has 14 pins (female Plug) on it just tied up under the fuse box.

                The 16 pin plug is just what I can see in the manual diagrams and NOT what is in the ACTUAL car.

                The connector did not have numbers on it, how can I tell which is 6 & 7?

                is reading it the same,

                Turn Ignition on, bridge 6&7 for 2 seconds to put it into stage II then read the codes, bridge 6&7 again for 2 seconds to erase codes and put it back into Stage 1.

                thanks so much for your help.


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                  If you look at the 14-pin DLC, It is in 3 sections of 4 pins and one section of two pins.
                  If you look into the socket with the 2-pin section to your right. Pins 6 & 7 are the two top right most pins.

                  The pins from left to right are 1-7 top row 8-14 bottom row. With pins 7 & 14 in the 2 pin segment.


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                    Thank you so much... when at my dads i'll test this out!!!


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                      ecu light flash code

                      I have got 16 pin connector but how to you bridge 6&7 i mean with what thing? Will these erase error code and engine management light will go off? Thanks in advance.


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                        Engine management light came up on my 2002 terrano all i did took air filter out clean dust then it went off. After a week it came up on again i did same buut no luck light still on but air filter rubber sides were falling to bits i glued them and put it back but made no difference i just order new filter to see it that will make any difference. Please help how do i get rig of this warning light. Thanks in advance.


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                          removed. waste of time trying to help this one.......
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                            Guess what i was driving and just accelerate a bit more while driving and the light has gone off itself. Do not understand why?? But thanks for your advice i will try these if light comes up again...


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                              lost cause this.
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