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  • Coolant fan

    Hi, I have a 2016 euro 6 Peugeot boxer van. The engine check light is on and the code is p0692, rh cooling fan circuit relay high. I can’t seem to find anywhere that says which fuse/relay covers this. Manual has no mention of fans in any of the 3 fuse boxes! So is the relay/relays on fan shroud somewhere and where are fuses? Van is the 130hp 2.0 adblue.
    thanks in advance

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    If the fuses and relays are not obvious, then look on the underside if the engine compartment fuse box. Most Citroen/Peugeots have big (maxi) fuses and relays under the main fuse box. The fuse will be a maxi size and at least 40amps. Make sure the fan itself is free to turn and not at all stiff as that will cause too much current.
    Follow the wiring from the fans to the connector. Disconnect and ensure all the pins are clean and good.
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      Thanks for that. Think I may have it sorted as I checked all fuses which were fine then just removed swapped relays until it threw another code up then swapped them back and cleared codes so by process of elimination I think I may of at least found offending relay. Got a new one on order so will let you know. My engine fuse block has mini and maxi fuses in it plus relays all on one level, Manual only tells you what each fuse protects nothing about relays.