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  • Overlap


    I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on this. I’ve tried searching and I’m sure it has come up before, but I must be using the wrong keywords.

    My first car is starting to breakdown more and more. I love it, but it is fifteen years old. So I am buying a new car.
    I found a very nice car, low mileage and really cheap. I put a deposit on it today and I’ll pick it up on Monday.

    I’m not quite sure what to do about my insurance. Should I call my current insurer to get it transferred over? Or cancel my insurance and search for a new policy?

    For a period of time I’ll have both cars. I’ll probably use we buy any car, although I am tempted to donate the car to a mechanic school to take the car away.
    However it’ll take me awhile to arrange this. During the overlap period what should I do?

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    Can your old car be parked off the public highway?


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      This is a reaonably common situation. You really want to keep the current policy, to maintain your NCD. If you speak to your insurer, they will normally cover the new car (for a fee) and will probably be happy to cover both vehicles for a few weeks, possibly for a small fee. There's really little added risk for them: you can only drive one car a time.

      If they won't help, then the best solution is probably to transfer the policy to the new car, and take out temporary cover as needed for the old one.


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        Hi everyone,

        Thank you so much for all of your help. I called up and had my insurance changed over, I even got a £4 refund, I thohgt I’d end up paying more!
        They said after they had changed over the policy, they would get temporary cover for my old car, giving me twenty-eight days to take care of it... however after attempting this, they said the underwriter wouldn’t do it.

        Is there anywhere you would recommend for temporary cover?

        I don’t have a private driveway or garage, however there is a communal garage on our street. Is that private enough to count as offroad?

        The only other thing I can think of is, taking it to my garage and asking them to mind the car in their private garage for a short period.