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  • Roundabout Accident: Who is at fault?


    This is my first time posting, but I'd like some advice with an accident that I got caught up in unfortunately, with your opinions as to if I am at fault or not.

    In essence, I was driving down an A road during the middle of the day in which there was some stop and start traffic. I approached a mini roundabout and wanted to drive directly forwards. I stopped my car and looked to my right to see if anyone was approaching and saw it was completely clear. I proceeded to drive onward and stopped on the roundabout since the traffic had stopped up until there.

    I looked in my driver's wing mirror and could see a car approaching from my right, but couldn't move forwards as I'd hit into the car ahead of me. This car approaching from my right did not stop and smashed into my car (drivers door).

    A witness that is completely independent saw what happened and took photographs immediately and he passed these photographs onto me as well as his contact details. He has said that he is willing to provide a statement as to what happened and verbally said to me "It was not your fault. They hit into your car".

    The driver that joined the roundabout from the right and hit the side of my car is claiming that I was at fault and that I had cut into the roundabout by driving too fast, failing to give them way, but there was no way I'd be able to drive fast especially where there was traffic throughout the entire A road.

    Who would be at fault in this situation?

    Should I have waited for the traffic in front to clear up before entering the roundabout and completely clearing it? Or was it okay that I entered it when I judged that the right was clear and proceeded to enter the roundabout, but had to stop when the traffic resumed?

    I'd really appreciate any opinions. My insurers are fighting that is a non fault, but I am stressing out as to why the other driver is not accepting fault and trying to place the blame on me.

    Thank you!

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    Sounds like they only were looking right and did not check that the road ahead, that they were actually going to drive on to, was clear.

    I'd say, while you should have waited until your exit off the roundabout was clear, that the other driver is more at fault. Plus if you were stationary when the other car hit you, it doesn't usually go well for the vehicle that was moving when calculating blame. Just my opinion though - I'm not an expert.
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      In my opinion should have waited until your exit off the roundabout was clear, that the other driver is more at fault.


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        Your witness should sway things in your favour, moving onto the Mini roundabout when the exit was not clear was not a good idea but it doe's look as though the other driver was not paying attention.
        It's in the hands of the insurers now so let them get on with it, worrying will not change the outcome.
        Good Luck.