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  • Safe sunglasses to drive in

    I drive often throughout the day and wondered if anyone can advise me on a safe brand and make of sunglasses I can use when behind the wheel (that are not over the top expensive).

    I did the usual online research and came up with the following criteria.

    Grey or brown lense
    Tint density 0-3
    Fixed tint
    Anti reflective coating
    Anti Scratch
    Carries the "CE" Mark.

    All sounds great but I've no idea where to start regarding actual products on the market that are not expensive.

    It's getting more important to me as I get older as I can definitely feel the eye strain as I try to avoid the sun or ware general sunglasses which are not effective.

    Any help appreciated

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    Have you had a recent eye test? I suffered from dazzle problems in my 60s and it turned out to be age related cataracts. Cataract surgery solved the problem completely and I only need ordinary sunglasses in bright sun, and simple magnification for reading now.


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      Yes my eyes are fine, I get them tested annually. I just wondered what sunglasses anyone would recommend re my research above.


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        I use them orange tinted ones, as they are great at blanking out dazzling head lights, and snow reflections from piled up snow at the road sides...................... .............They make me feel like Joe 90, but I don't care, they keep me driving safely, and that's the main thing