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Competition Information

With the launch of the new national road safety mascot Horace sponsored by the RAC and endorsed by the Department for Transport. We'd like you to take part in the first RAC Road Safety Animation School Challenge!

What is the challenge about?

We want you to set up a Road Safety Team in your school/class or club and do some research to understand the key road safety issues in and around your school/local community. Your Road Safety Team is to design and run an awareness campaign by creating a road safety themed short animation film where you illustrate important road safety tips and techniques to keep you, your friends and family safe on the roads.

You can use any style of animation you like, whether it's a 2D drawn, 3D clay models, or anything else you can think of!

The competition is split into three age groups- please select the correct category for your team's age.

Take a look at the Department for Transport's THINK! road safety campaign resources (see below) for inspiration and to make sure the messages you are promoting are correct.

Your film must be no longer than 30 seconds - keep it short and sweet! Once you've finished your film, ask your teacher or club leader to register your entry and upload your film to

Our competition closes at 11.59pm on 4 July 2014

Click here for full terms and conditions of the competition

Good luck with your entries everyone! As a thank you for registering your team early the RAC will be giving away 10,000 Road Safety Kits to the children.

What resources are available?

The Department for Transport's THINK! campaign has a range of resources available you can use as inspiration for your entry:

The THINK! Resource Centre is aimed at teachers and includes lesson plans and activities to help teach children to be safe on or around our roads.

Students aged 4-11 can visit the THINK! Tales of the Road site for road safety tips, advice and interactive games.

You can view previous THINK! road safety campaigns on the THINK! website

There's a worksheet to help you create your own models, backgrounds if you'd like to make a set and a Horace outline if you'd like to colour it in and make a 2D film.

Once you've decided on what you're going to make, it's time to create your storyboard and start animating! You can download a free trial of the Aardman Animate It! software from our website and take a look at lots of animation tutorials to give you inspiration and get you started. Other animation software can also be used.

Nominate your road safety champion


We are looking to find the heroes and heroines who put themselves out to ensure that people stay safe on our roads.