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Caravans are cool!

14 Sep 2009 at 10:22

Sales of caravans and camper vans are soaring despite their reputation as 'boxes on wheels'. Jeremy Taylor tells you why caravans can be cool.

Who owns a caravan?

Caravans are popular with families, but young buyers are the driving force behind the latest boom. Thirty-somethings are being targeted by manufacturers, who are providing caravans with trendy interiors and flat-screen TVs.

Celebrity caravan owners include Robbie Williams, Jeremy Vine, Dame Kelly Holmes, singer Jay Kay and actor Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.

How many people own a caravan?

  • There are 141,000 motorhomes registered on UK roads
  • The Caravan Club has 1 million members
  • 11,646 new motorhomes were sold in 2007
  • 69,000 caravans were sold in 2007

(all statistics from the Motorhome Information Service.)

Why buy a caravan?

With air travel becoming increasingly expensive, motorhomes, caravans and camper vans can make a great choice for holidays.

  • Caravans and camper vans are ideal for travelling to weekend events like festivals.
  • They can be big enough to fit your whole family.
  • You can have a full kitchen, shower and toilet wherever you are.
  • Your caravan or motorhome can be customised to suit your individual tastes and needs, with air conditioning, cruise control and upholstery of your choice.
  • As well as giving you a sense of freedom, caravans can be stylish and cool!

Aren't caravans difficult and expensive to drive?

Not necessarily. Here's what you can expect from a modern motorhome:

  • A powerful turbo-diesel engine
  • Good fuel consumption
  • Good manoeuvrability and ease of driving

Which caravan should I buy?

There are lots of great motorhomes and caravans on the market. Here's a selection to suit all budgets:

  • Danbury Rio Volkswagen (from £20,000) - retro-look van imported from South America
  • Auto-Sleepers Sigma EK (£40,000) - sleeps 4 people and the 2.2-litre engine can be upgraded to a quieter 3-litre one
  • Pilote G690 TP (£49,000) - mid-range model that sleeps up to 5 and can be fitted to a variety of chassis
  • Winnebago Vista (£85,000) - 32ft American mobile with V10 engine

Where can I stay with my caravan?

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