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Vauxhall Monaro

6.0i V8 VXR 2-Door

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  • 5.7L
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Second-Hand Vauxhall Monaro

Used Vauxhall Monaro
Whilst only in production for a short time (2004-2006) Vauxhall Monaros redefined what many thought possible with a performance car. The Monaro was available on the Australian market for a number of years before its official British debut. It was an instant hit and is now recognised as an affordable, reliable and high-performing car. Explore this modern muscle car that is affordable for any daily driver and find great offers on used Vauxhall Monaros in our range.

What You Get
Looking like a cross between a classic muscle car and a modern saloon, the Vauxhall Monaro is an imposing vehicle. The Monaro is a big car and as such, it is not refinement that you are looking for but attitude, aggression and power. This, it has in spades. The interior is also impressive as it is high-quality, comfortable and well-designed. There is a fair amount of room and decent boot size.

How it Drives
The range of used Vauxhall Monaros for sale at RAC Cars simply oozes power and presence. With over 300bhp, even in the standard model, each and every touch of the throttle makes the car react positively. With the traction control disengaged, the torque is enough to generate a fair amount of drift. It will sit happily as nearly 100mph at less than 2000rpm, so you might have to take it to a track day to take full advantage of this.

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