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Maserati 4200

Cambiocorsa Auto 2-Door

£356.74 per month
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  • 46,000
  • Semi Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 4.2L
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Maserati 4200

4.2 V8 CAMBIO CORSA 2dr Auto

£230.79 per month
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  • 86,000
  • Semi Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 4.2L
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Used Maserati 4200


Maserati hasn't always had the best reputation for build quality, but ever since it became a subsidy of Ferrari, things have become much more consistent at this Italian firm.
The Maserati 4200GT is a testament to this, since it manages to combine raw power with sub-Ferrari affordability in a package that looks very appealing if you're going to be buying something exotic on the second hand market.
The 4200GT was conceived as a replacement for the 3200GT and it first went on sale in 2002, with the most noteworthy feature being its 4.2 litre V8 engine which didn't use the twin turbochargers of its predecessor.
Available as a hardtop under the Coupe moniker and adorned with the Spyder nametag when offered as a soft top, the 4200GT was praised for its modern features and enhanced levels of reliability.
There was even the Cambiocorsa version of the 4200GT which offered a semi-auto gearbox for those who wanted it.
A variety of trims were offered and there were also special editions released during its lifespan. In 2004 the Maserati GranSport was introduced and this was effectively a faster version of the standard 4200GT which used the same engine but ramped up the power thanks to its exhaust system.
This generation was phased out in 2009 and you'll find that it's often quite a steal on the used market in spite of its impressive credentials.
Bang for your buck
Compared to older Maseratis the 4200GT is a real revelation, because it integrates many impressive technological advances to give it the edge and also make it a great grand tourer, rather than just a good one.
The main different between the Coupe and the Spyder is that you get four seats in the former and just two in the latter, because of course they had to fit the folding roof somewhere.
The Spyder's top will drop in about 30 seconds, which isn't the fastest time around, but it gets the job done and if you're interested in a pure two seater experience then it can definitely deliver wind-in-your-hair thrills.
Standard kit includes 18 inch alloys and climate control, with optional extras such as a built-in sat nav and a high end entertainment system also on offer from new.
From an aesthetic point of view, there's no doubt that the 4200GT is a good looking car whether in its Coupe or Spyder form. Perhaps most important is its relative unusualness, because although there are plenty of Porsches and Jags to be seen on British roads, you're less likely to run into a Maserati, which gives it a special stop and stare quality.
What you'll pay
You can get a decent Maserati 4200GT for under £20,000 and there are even very early examples that cost less than £15,000 if you're really looking for value.
Most of these older cars are approaching the bottom of their depreciation curve, which is a real benefit. You'll be looking at paying Group 20 prices on insurance regardless of which model you pick.
What to check
The 4200GT may fair better under scrutiny than some of its forebears, but it's still a bit inconsistent when it comes to things like electronics, meaning you'll want to make sure everything is operational before you buy, or at least factor in the idiosyncrasies when negotiating a price.
These powerful cars can be driven a little roughly, so watch out for tire wear, exterior damage and soggy suspension. Also check the interior to see whether it has held up well over the years.
This is the kind of car that can have its asking price altered dramatically by the colour of the paint job it received at the factory. Metallic models will sell for more, while more lurid hues will be knocked down.
Replacing the exhaust on a 4200GT will cost £3600, with brake pads selling at over £250. It's not too costly compared to some of its equivalents, but it's far from cheap.
How it drives
The 4.2 litre naturally aspirated engine pumps out 390bhp, which means you'll see 60mph on the clock in 4.7 seconds from a standing start. If you were to push it as hard as possible, the 4200GT can hit 177mph and it produces an exhaust note that's just dreamy.

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