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Used Isuzu Trooper


Isuzu's mid-size 4x4, the Trooper, has seen steady but unspectacular sales in the UK since its 1987 launch. Catching on to the Chelsea tractor trend before it really took off, the Trooper was at one time considered a budget version of a Range Rover, although internationally it had already been available for a few years and achieved impressive commercial success. The badge conscious UK was more timid, however and sales remained modest while the Trooper gained a small but distinct fan club.

A rather pathetic 2.3-litre petrol, three-door variant was the only model available upon release but happily within a year this was supplanted by a better 2.6-litre four-cylinder petrol and joined by a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel. There were three and five-door options and two trim levels, the rather oddly named D Pack and Citation. Early 1989 saw the addition of central locking as standard kit and heated front seats for the Citation.

The used Isuzu Trooper earned itself a facelift in 1992, with a new and more powerful engine line up, the 2.6 litre petrol unit becoming 3.2 and a bigger 3.1 litre turbo version of the previous 2.8 diesel. Three or five-door options were still available but amenities were vastly improved on both trim levels, now offering air conditioning, cruise control, electric windows and the cute self-folding wing mirrors so popular with the Japanese. 1996 brought improvements to the fascia and a few extra equipment options, such as alloy wheels, with airbags added in 1997.

A significant redesign was unveiled in 1998, with more modern styling and vastly improved engines in the shape of a smart, efficient and much more powerful new 3.0-litre 16-valve DOHC diesel turbo with common rail direct injection, as well as a punchy 3.5-litre V6 petrol. An extra trim level was added in 1999 with the Insignia, boasting a CD changer, leather trim and an intuitive Torque-on-Demand system, which evaluates driving conditions to automatically regulate the level of torque going to each axle.

Bang for your buck

The original used Isuzu Trooper was very square and boxy, similar to but not quite as attractive as the Jeep Cherokee XJ, although it may hold a certain retro charm for some. Later incarnations were curvier and better looking but the Trooper still struggled to find a comfortable niche. It's not a match for rivals such as the Range Rover in terms of looks or performance, but it's a solid piece of engineering. You do get a nice lot of kit with it and the typical Japanese reliability – so much so that it's a popular recovery vehicle for roadside assistance companies.

What you'll pay

The earliest second hand Isuzu Trooper models are best judged each on its own merits, depending on the mileage and how well the vehicle has been maintained. Forget the original 1997 releases with the duff 2.3 litre engine and stick to 1998 onwards.

You can get some 1998 models for about £2,000, petrol or diesel, while third generation cars start at three times that.

What to check

The cheap used Isuzu Trooper is generally reliable but minor faults do crop up. Some of them look like they've had a hard life, trim-wise, so consider asking for a discount for a scruffy interior. Clunky gearboxes and dodgy handbrakes are not unknown.

While the diesel engine is a robust piece of kit it has suffered from blown turbos. If you're not confident mechanically, get someone who knows what they're talking about to have a look for you.

Look for damage from over-enthusiastic off-roading, plus oil leaks from moving parts. Engage 4x4 to check the transmission and diff.


Isuzu want the Trooper to have a reputation as a vehicle with longevity and so encourage the use of branded parts by keeping prices low. About £100 will get you a water pump or an exhaust pipe, with a fuel filter around £10.

How it drives

The Isuzu Trooper for sale isn't a great road car, unrefined and wallowing around corners. It's loud and bulky, like a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show. It looks rough and tough and is a capable off-roader, making it a good buy for fun days out. It's not really sophisticated enough on the road but at half the price of the competition, that may not worry you.

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