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Ferrari Enzo

  • 5,605
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 6L
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Ferrari Enzo


  • 5,110
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 6L
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Used Ferrari Enzo

A history lesson...

The Ferrari Enzo was released in 2002 and production continued until 2004, only 399 units were ever sold. It is a mid-engined 12 cylinder super car and is named after the founder of the company, Enzo Ferrari. It features a lot of technology borrowed from Ferrari's F1 cars such as the electrohydraulic shift transmission, its carbon fibre body and ceramic disc brakes. 
The Enzo is sometimes referred to incorrectly as the F60. In 2005, Ferrari made it known that they would build a single additional Enzo, rounding the total produced up to 400. The 400th Enzo was presented to the then Pope, John Paul II by several Ferrari partners and employees, including their then F1 drivers Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. The car was auctioned for charity.
Bang for your buck
The Enzo's 12 cylinder 48 valve 6 litre power unit will produce 660 bhp and reach a top speed of over 200mph. The Enzo is one of the best Ferrari's ever made although its looks aren't to everyone's taste with its bulbous styling and harsh lines. The Enzo is mid-engined and has 44% of its weight at the front and 56% in the rear. As well as a naturally aspirated engine, the Enzo also has dual overhead cams and variable valve timing.
There is no luggage space, fuel economy is extremely poor and a second hand Enzo will break down from time to time but none of that matters a jot. The Enzo is an iconic and legendary car.
The car's semi-automatic six-speed gearshift is attached directly to its engine which helps to reduce shift times to around 150 milliseconds. An LED light to the right of the steering wheel lets the driver know when to change gear for the optimal drive. The Enzo also has rear and front anti-roll bars and independently adjustable four wheel suspension. 19 inch alloys wheels were provided as standard. 
The Enzo's interior is pure sportiness rather than luxury or comfort with much inspiration being taken from the F1 car. The carbon fibre material is left unmasked all over the cabin. Originally, the carbon fibre seats were available in a range of positions and sizes to suit the driver. 
What you'll pay
The price for a new Ferrari Enzo in 2002 was $659,330 and used examples now command some enormous prices. Only 399 Enzos were ever sold so used examples rarely come to market. It is thought that every time an Enzo is written off the price of the remaining units rises by over £100,000. A second hand Enzo coming to market now is likely to be around the million pound mark.
What to check
Used Enzos are a risky buy. On the one hand you get one of the most iconic sports cars and best drives the world has ever seen, On the other hand, the Enzo is known to be temperamental and unreliable. This car will eat tyres and clutches and cost a fortune to run but if you can afford the price tag in the first place this should not be a problem. The Enzo isn't a car for everyday use anyway, it is a luxury to be savoured occasionally. 
Be sure to check that the seller has a full service history from a Ferrari approved dealer. The seats will have been ordered to suit the original owner so check that the driving position is suitable for you.
Obviously replacement parts for the Ferrari Enzo do not come cheap but if you can afford to run a Ferrari in the first place then this probably won't bother you too much. A new clutch will set you back around £4000 and each tyre about £500.
How it drives
The Enzo is a beast of a car and will reach sixty mph in just 3.14 seconds on its way to a top speed of around 221mph. The Enzo is considered one of the best track cars in the world due to its raw speed, out of this world handling and massive down force and is the ultimate driver's car. After reaching its maximum down force of 1709 lb (775 kg) at around 186 mph the rear spoiler becomes actuated by the car's computer to automatically maintain the maximum down force. Its fuel efficiency is approximately 12mpg.

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