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Daihatsu YRV

1.3 4Trak 5dr

  • 55,000
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.3L
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Daihatsu YRV

1.3 [Premium Pack] 5-Door

  • 63,677
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.3L
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Used Daihatsu Yrv

A history lesson…

The Daihatsu YRV was introduced to the UK in 2001 with something less than a fanfare. The YRV acronym apparently stood for 'Young Recreational Vehicle,' in a somewhat heavy-handed attempt to appeal to the younger car buyer. Viewed as the latest in a long line of quirky little Daihatsu super minis stretching back to the Charade, it is fair to say it didn't quite capture the youthful public's imagination. It was however a big step up for Daihatsu in terms of design and build quality and there is no reason why it couldn't make for a sensible second hand purchase if the price is right. Originally the Daihatsu YRV came in an admirably simple choice of two trim levels, the Standard and Premium. Daihatsu soon complicated matters though, with the introduction of a semi-automatic F-speed and then 4Trak all wheel drive version. These models did nothing to deal with the YRV's main problem however, which was competing with challengers like the low cost Citroen Saxo. Daihatsu therefore introduced the cut price Radical and Radical2 versions to lower the entry level price point for the range.
Bang for your buck
All used Daihatsu YRV cars for sale were powered by identical 1.3 litre 86 bhp engines until the introduction of the YRV Turbo which uprated the engine to 130 bhp. The YRV is slightly quirky looking with a kind of double wedged profile created by raked door windows which rise towards the rear. The effect though is odd rather than unattractive. The range consisted of seven models, all except the turbo powered by the 86bhp 1.3 engine. That is no bad thing as the engine comes from part-owners Toyota and is the same one which powers the successful Yaris. The 4Trak, Turbo and F-speed add a touch of exotica to the range, with the top of the range F-speed offering a tiptronic style gear box, complete with 'flappy-paddle' gear change switches mounted on the steering wheel. For the budget conscious, the Radical and Radical2 variants provide cut price alternatives. Trim levels are generally good, with useful touches like sliding and flat-folding rear seats. All models from Standard up offer body coloured bumpers, mirrors and door handles. Central locking, electric door mirrors and windows, plus a driving seat height adjuster are also bundled. Premiums and F-Speed models add air conditioning, remote keyless entry, clever electronic brake distribution and alloy wheels. There is also the option of a panoramic glass roof. The 4Trak meanwhile throws in an upgraded stereo and bigger wheels.
What you'll pay
The Daihatsu was never a popular car and second hand values reflect that. A further complication arose when Daihatsu introduced the cut price Radical models so soon after the launch of the Standard and Premium models. This depressed prices of these early models even further. The Japanese sometimes offered chunky cashback deals in an effort to shift the cars and this also has a knock-on effect on second hand values. All of that results in a 2002 used Daihatsu YRV Premium being available for around £3,000. If you can find one, an F-Speed model is yours for £2,900 on an X plate.
What to check
These cars are aging pretty well. Even the complex F-speed has few reported problems and those Toyota engines are sound. Check for usual city driving bumps and scrapes and wear to the interior caused by Mummy's little darlings. Have a look at the underside and check suspension and steering on the 4traks.
On a 2001 plate, a clutch assembly is £175 and brake pads £24 a set. A new radiator for a seond hand Daihatsu YRV will be around £240, with exhaust systems going for £275. 

How it drives
Toyota's willing 1.3 engine makes the car reasonably brisk but a poorer chassis and small skinny tyres can make the ride feel choppy and harsh. The car feels sure-footed on main roads but toss the car into a bend on a twisting country lane and those skinny tyres can be found wanting for grip. On the plus side the approved used Daihatsu YRV always feels keen and the gearbox is slick. The 130 bhp turbo provides hair-raising fun when driven hard and you can expect to raise an inside front wheel if tackling tight bends at speed. In summary the YRV is a capable if not outstanding performer.

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