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Chrysler Viper

8.0 V10 2dr

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Used Chrysler Viper

A history lesson…

8.0-litres, 400bhp and more Yeeeeee-haaaaaa American-style than Jay Leno and Larry King stapled together, the Chrysler Viper is one of the most desirable and impressive cars to come from across the pond. Unleashed in 1992 – but only hitting the UK in 1996 – the Viper secured legendary status thanks to huge power reserves, the engine from a truck and looks to kill.

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t well-made, designed or engineered and it definitely wasn’t subtle, but good god, it was brilliant. The simpleton design and handling was enough to keep the smile on any driver whose dog had just died. It was a joy to see, drive and behold. A true American icon.

Bang for your buck

You didn’t get much change back from £70,000 in 1996, but if you did buy a Viper, you were left with a car so rare you’d never tire from people asking can they see the Viper; and a car so powerful that it was almost frightening. The Viper was bought by people like Jay Leno, but aside from that, not many others. The Viper, especially in the UK, didn’t sell like Chrysler anticipated – just think, when was the last time you saw one?

Basically, all you got for your money was an 8.0-litre nuclear bomb, some steel and two-seats. That was it. It was anything but well-equipped, but you just didn’t care, because it was so much fun, all you wanted to do was drive. 

What you’ll pay

Prices for a used Chrysler Viper are still high purely because of its reputation and the fact that most have very low mileage. If you want one, you will have to pay a premium for all that V10 loveliness. 

What to check

The 8.0-litre V10 is a powerful monster, but thanks to its low-revving characteristic, it shouldn’t really go wrong. Just keep an eye out for any signs of aging like rust or parking dents, as if you’re going to buy a Viper, you want one that is mint, so you can re-sell on for a good price. 


Based on a 1999 second hand Chrysler Viper GTS, the prices are sobering to say the least. A new clutch sits at around £375, and a new exhaust is a frightening £1100. So it’s a must to check that all these parts are not only working, but in excellent condition before you buy.

How it drives

It has an 8.0-litre V10, how do you think it drives? It’s superb. It’s excellent. It’s rad – yes, we did just say rad. Seriously, though, the Chrysler Viper is a joy to drive. It’s brutal, exciting and unforgiving, but if you can handle the 400bhp, there are few cars that will keep a bigger smile on your face. There’s no traction control, so there’s nothing to help you from crashing into a tree, and yet, that’s one of the best things about it; it is dangerous.

That danger just adds to the Viper’s appeal; if you’ve not got the testicles to handle it, buy another car, because it does not take any mercy whatsoever. Thanks to the V10’s truck birth, the engine is full of torque and it does not need revving highly to get the most out of it. It’s a lazy lump, but for this once, that’s a good thing. 

One of the Yank’s best efforts of the last twenty years, the Viper is just bloody marvellous.

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