New BMW i8

New BMW i8


New BMW i8

The i8 is an incredible car all-round, not only for its exciting styling, but for its revolutionary hybrid engine that offers amazing fuel economy, whilst still possessing supercar speeds and sharp handling.


The aesthetic appeal of the i8 is unlike anything else on the road today, with futuristic curves and a striking two-tone form. The narrow headlights give the car an imposing appearance, whilst sweeping lines, space-like rear lights and the i8’s low stance make for an eye-catching design. The interior of the car is equally as impressive, with entry permitted by lightweight scissor doors. Inside, you’ll find a luxurious cabin lined by a wraparound dashboard, which is low set and fitted perfectly with blue accents, plus a pair of vibrant HD screens. Travel-centric readouts are displayed in front of the driver, whilst infotainment functions are integrated into the middle screen.


Probably the most prominent talking point of the i8 is the performance. Whilst the i8 looks great, the power available from the combination of hybrid engines is nothing short of astounding. Supercar status intact, the i8 goes from 0-62mph in a blistering 4.4 seconds, with the powerful acceleration provided by the instant torque of the electric motor. Regardless of the gear, the engines will respond accordingly - various modes allow you to customise the hybrid usage to your preference, with Comfort or Eco modes will running purely on electric power, eDrive upping the maximum possible speed, and purists’ favourite Sport mode allowing full usage of the i8’s capabilities. The six-speed automatic gearbox is also a treat, enabling seamless transmissions whichever configuration you choose to drive in. The lightweight build of the i8 works wonderfully in unison with the car’s four-wheel drive, providing plenty of grip, whilst steering is responsive and tight. The asking price of the i8 ensures there is plenty of equipment, with LED lights, a heads-up projector display, heated leather seats, leather trim and climate control. The internal entertainment system includes a range of useful features, such as digital radio, a 20GB hard drive plus access to a variety of apps and an on board phone with the ConnectedDrive system.

Safety & Economy

The i8’s strong carbon fibre body should provide plenty of protection in the event of a collision, but airbags from the front, side and curtains are all included as standard. The big bonus of course is the i8’s efficiency – a claimed 135mpg, with just 49g/km. Short trips can also negate the use of fuel, meaning possible savings of thousands of pounds.


Perfect for Driving Enthusiasts and Collectors The i8 won’t be the go-to car for every driving enthusiast, given its enormous price. However, those who can afford it will experience one of the most thrilling supercars around today.

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