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RAC Car Check

1 in 4 cars we check has a hidden history

We'll check for:

  • Stolen, scrapped or write-off alerts
  • Previous plates or colour changes
  • Outstanding finance
  • Mileage discrepancies
  • A private sale and dealer valuation
  • Road tax costs and fuel expenses

We'll even give you exclusive data on common breakdown and MOT faults for the make and model you are checking.

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Buying a car?

Check the car history first with an RAC Vehicle History Check buyer's report.

Inside the buyer's report:

  • A complete car history check, including 10 alerts:
    • Outstanding finance
    • Written off
    • Stolen
    • Scrapped
    • Mileage discrepancies
    • Exported
    • Imported
    • Number plate changes
    • Colour changes
    • Interested parties
  • Common breakdown reasons by make and model
  • Common MOT failures by vehicle make and model
  • An independent What Car? review
  • Vehicle valuation provided by Glass's
  • Average running costs by make and model
  • Car inspection and buying checklists
  • Up to £30,000 of guarantee to cover your car history check data

Getting an RAC Vehicle History Check car data check is quick and easy to do online.

Check the history in 3 easy steps

  • Enter the vehicle registration
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter payment details for your instant report
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Read RAC Vehicle History Check car data check buyer's terms and conditions for more information.

Vehicle check comparison: RAC, HPI Check, AA, Auto Trader

To make it easier for you to see how the RAC Vehicle History Check compares to other providers like HPI Check, AA and Auto Trader, we've created a comparison table to highlight key differences to take into account. We believe that our report is the most comprehensive in the UK. With the addition of a private sale valuation of the car, common MOT faults, running costs and an independent review of the make and model, our report includes more information to help you make a much more informed decision about your next car.

Car history check explained

A thorough car check can help you avoid the car‘s history coming back to haunt you. As an average of 1 in 250 cars are sold despite having been scrapped, drivers can potentially find their new car costing more than they think, and having to spend money on repairs they could have avoided. Additionally, driving a scrapped car is extremely hazardous and can potentially result in a dangerous accident.

Also worrying for the safety of drivers and their wallets, are car write-offs. It is illegal to drive a written-off car if it hasn’t been repaired properly or had the appropriate Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) by the DVLA. To avoid being caught out by a miss-sold car, whenever buying from a private seller, it is important to personally confirm the car’s history to avoid any legal difficulty. The fact that 1 in 6 cars is an insurance write-off means that there are a lot of vehicles out there to be wary of and failure to make the appropriate checks will mean you could be driving a car that could be illegal to be on the road.

In addition to allowing you to confirm the car you want to buy is road-worthy, an RAC Vehicle History Check vehicle check can also help prevent you from purchasing a car that has been involved in crime. 1 in 20 cars show inaccurate mileage, for example, which are discrepancies that can be the result of fraud. If you are caught driving a car that was involved in a crime, you will not just lose money when the car is taken away, you may also have to pay, at great cost, to clear your name with the authorities if legal action is taken. The Money Advice Service provide further information on why you should inspect a used car before purchasing.

The following vehicles are exempt: imports, 4x4’s, convertibles, write-offs, hybrids, vans, vehicles over 10 years old, vehicles with more than 5 seats, prestige vehicles, 4-wheel drives, LPGs, motorhomes and vehicles with more than 120,000 miles on the clock.

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