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When purchasing a second-hand car, one of the main concerns is knowing whether you are buying from a reputable dealer or not. There are more complaints about used cars in the UK than any other purchase, here at the RAC we understand that concern . Our network of Approved Dealers was set up to help alleviate those fears and give you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

When asking yourself “Which used car dealers near me can I trust?” our list of Approved Dealers in your local area is a great starting point.

Browse our list of local Approved Dealers in your area and purchase your used car with confidence today.

RAC Approved Dealers near you

Even though there are many reputable used car dealers all across the country, it can be difficult to know which one to go with. With our list of local Approved Dealers you can be assured that you are buying from a dealer who meets our high standards. Not just that, each purchase from one of these dealers comes with many other benefits to give you peace of mind.

Buying a car from an RAC Approved Dealer includes:

  • RAC Approved 82 Point Vehicle Preparation

  • A minimum of 3 Months' RAC Warranty

  • 12 Months' RAC Breakdown Cover*

  • RAC Accident Care

While the quality of service may vary from one dealer to another, all of our Approved Dealers share our ethos for quality, integrity and exceptional customer service. To ensure this high level of service, all our Approved Dealers have to meet our RAC Approved Preparation Standard, and we visit them at least 6 times a year to check their vehicles are meeting our standard.

The preparation standard includes checks for:

  • Vehicle History – Includes a VIN Inspection and Vehicle History Report.

  • Road Test – Includes testing the general performance, behaviour of the vehicle and the operation of clutch, transmission, steering, suspension and brakes, including A.B.S.

  • Vehicle Exterior – Includes checks for dents or scratches visible to the eye from a distance of 2m to inspecting exterior trim for security and correct fitting.

  • Vehicle Interior – Includes checks for the operation of door windows to the operation of all internal equipment.

  • Road Wheels & Tyre Check – Includes checks that the vehicle jack, tool kit, locking wheel nut and safety equipment (where applicable) are in place and evidence of uneven tyre wear or casing damage.

  • Engine Compartment – Includes checks that the engine oil level is correct and dipstick oil sample is free from contamination, as well as oil and water leaks.

  • Underbody – Includes checks of the exhaust condition and mountings, plus visual evidence of faults and braking components.

  • Convenience - Includes checks for fully cleaned and valeted vehicles, along with keys and remote fobs.

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