<p><strong>The knowledge behind our powerful solution </strong></p>
The knowledge behind our powerful solution Answering your questions on Telematics

RAC Business Telematics can help you with planning and effective decision making

Telematics tracking systems help you better understand how your vehicles are being used enabling you to make informed choices and reduce your overheads. Features include real-time updates on your fleet’s location using GPS and geo-fencing, which allows you to set limits on where business vehicles can go, and when.

Features and benefits of RAC Telematics

  • View vehicle’s current location
    Ideal for identifying the best placed vehicle to get to a client at any given time, saving on fuel and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Get live traffic feeds
    Amend routes and alter plans according to unforeseen circumstances in order to maintain productivity and meet client expectations
  • Monitor driver behaviour
    By reviewing driving habits, including speed, you can identify staff members who need specific training, and encourage better training across the whole team
  • Monitor vehicle performance
    Efficiency scoring will give you insight into vehicle condition and whether any of your fleet need replacing or repairing
  • Geo-fencing
    Set geographic boundaries and curfews to restrict a vehicles movements to ensure employees stay on-track and to limit personal usage

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