Help your Uber driver rating

What makes a great Uber driver?

Particularly in built-up areas of the UK, it is difficult to imagine life without Uber. The US-born taxi firm has transformed an industry offering competitively priced rides at the touch of a button in an increasingly app-driven world. 

In the seven short years since Uber first surfaced in the UK it has been adopted by most major cities and has fast become a go to taxi and private hire option for any occasion. 

Whether it’s a ride to the train station, a big night out or date night with your significant other; Uber’s convenience and speed of application has propelled it to the forefront of the taxi market.

It’s popularity in the UK has made becoming a partner driver with Uber an increasingly attractive proposition.

As long as you have a private hire licence from a council Uber is licenced to operate in, you are eligible to drive in the UK, and you drive a car made in 2008 or newer you are qualified to drive for Uber. 

With Uber’s app-centric nature, ratings and reviews are hugely important and can determine a driver’s success – so, what should you consider if you’re thinking of becoming an Uber driver?

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1. Be prepared

The very last thing your late-to-the-airport passenger wants, is to stop for fuel, likewise, your office-ready passenger doesn’t want to get into a filthy car. 

Before you accept any journey make sure you are prepared to fulfill it. Check your fuel levels and ensure your car is spotless inside and out. 

A healthy supply of car air freshener and a working heating/air-conditioning system can go a long way to making the passenger(s) feel comfortable and instills a touch of luxury.


2. Be courteous

Although the Uber app will do a lot of communication for you, going above and beyond to keep your passengers informed in between accepting the journey and picking them up is not only helpful but can save you unnecessary downtime. 

Ensure you are clear on where you are picking your passenger up and use the telephone information provided by the app to ring ahead if you are going to be later than the app suggests or if there is any known difficulty in getting to the pick-up location.

Did you know, driving with a wallet or mobile phone in your back pocket can cause bad back?

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3. Be professional

Stripped back, an Uber driver’s role is to get their passenger from A to B as quickly, efficiently and above all, as safely as possible. 

It is up to you to know your patch. You should also be familiar with common journeys such as to and from airports, train stations and city centers. 

You have your passengers name from the app, so greet them with it for a personal touch and outline from the outset your proposed route – if it’s their area they may prefer to take a different one. 

Advising if there’s heavy traffic or roadworks can help set expectation accurately and can prevent poor ratings resolved from lengthy journey times.


4. Be reactive

Gauge the mood early and provide your passengers with conversation if they want it and be prepared to sit in silence if they don’t.


Equally, you may get unruly or inebriated groups heading out or home for the night – if they engage you in conversation, humour it. For the most part it is harmless and only lasts for the length of your journey.

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5. Be thoughtful

It’s inexpensive and hugely rewarding to ensure you kit your car out with useful equipment. 

As trivial as it may seem, saving your passenger from their phone battery woes can make an incredible difference to the mood they are in when they leave your taxi. 

Being equipped with an in-car phone charger and a range of universal adapters is one of the easiest ways to secure a good driver rating. 

As is in-car music capability. Whilst radio is an absolute minimum, an Uber driver will benefit from a music sharing device, which can allow your passengers to put their own music on. 

These small but thoughtful additions to your vehicle can all contribute to an overall positive journey for your passengers.


6. Be tactical

An Uber rating goes both ways, so ensure as a driver you are prompt and generous with dishing out your passenger rating. 

That’s not to say you must rate a rowdy car-full top marks – but be mindful that your score feeds into that passenger’s profile rating and can affect their ability to get future Uber rides and in turn, affects their attitude when it comes to rating your service. 

Use the tips above and when met with the ‘rate your driver’ screen; your passengers will be awarding you 5 stars without a second thought.