<p><strong>T is for Telematics</strong></p>
T is for Telematics What effect has it had on this family-run tea business?

T is for Telematics

A family-run tea merchant is set to install telematics across its entire delivery fleet following a successful trial which identified a range of businesses benefits, including 10 per cent off its fuel bill.

Ringtons, which has a fleet of 250 vehicles, is based in Newcastle and has been delivering to homes across the country since 1907. For the past 30 years it has also been delivering to UK businesses, building a reputation on customer service as well as quality products.

Since trialling RAC Telematics at the start of 2016, operations manager Stephen Killinger says the technology can, in time, also support customer service as well driving cost savings:

“Delivery schedules will be streamlined with the roll out of the RAC Telematics system and real-time delivery updates will be relayed to customers so when fully operational we can let them know the progress of their delivery.

“RAC Telematics also helps us meet health and safety obligations as our salespeople are lone workers in the sense that they are out on the road all day. Having RAC Telematics in the vehicles gives that extra peace of mind so that if there are problems, we’re able to locate our salespeople and our vehicle quickly, and tackle any issues that may have arisen.”

RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker says:

“Telematics used to be about dots on maps, but now we know an awful lot about the vehicle and how it’s being driven, what condition it’s in, and you also have the benefit of using past experience to determine how you take locational data and make it more service orientated for fleets and for drivers.

“Everybody’s dreamed about this, the ability to manage your vehicle remotely, whether through an app or a fleet management dashboard, and it’s here today, it’s not tomorrow, it’s not the future it’s here today through telematics.”

Telematics is taking the RAC beyond reactive response, they can now actually prevent problems in the first place.

RAC technical director Phil Ryan said:

“Instead of waiting for customers to call us, sometimes we’re actually making an outbound call to the customer to say, we’ve seen something, and you’re either safe to continue to drive, or we’ve booked you into a garage to get it checked out or, actually we’re going to send a patrol because you’re not safe to continue. The customers are quite amazed when they get that call because they can see we’re looking out for them and looking out for their vehicle technology and hopefully helping them stay on the road.”

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